Broadcast Web Panel

Bonrix Voice Broadcast Web Panel for Bulk Voice Call or Group Voice SMS

Description Bonrix Voice Broadcast Web Panel provides facility for only voice campaign for marketing purposes and also for transnational purpose for voice notification and and Alert as well as OTP notification on voice call.

This web provide re-seller option for selling voice call for voice marketing purpose.

Android app also available for Bulk Voice campaign from android phone.

Voice API is also available for third party external software integration

This web provide

Overall management and voice campain routing - re-seller management, pricing and tariff management
User creation, User management , Credit allocation, reporting.
Voice broadcasting, Voice sms , running voice marking campaign, upload pre-recorded audio file, upload bilk contact using Excel /CSV, Checking Voice report.

This panel provide different type of voice termination

  • SIP - VOIP telephony provider connector

  • USB-3G data card dongle based voice to GSM dialer

  • GSM/3G Voip GSM Gateway

  • Third party HTTP API for Voice and FTP audio file upload

Bonrix SIP Professional Voice Call Manager

Bonrix Voice Broadcast Web Panel

Bulk Voice Call or Group Voice SMS

Bulk Voice SMS

Bonrix Bulk Voice Call
User and Reseller Control Panel
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Login Id : admin
Password : admin
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Login Id : reseller
Password : reseller
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Login Id : user
Password : user
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International User

Login Id : international
Password : international

Broadcast Web Panel User Manual

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